CCA is encouraged by Minister Bibeau’s announcement today to help beef farmers and ranchers impacted by severe drought conditions

Winnipeg, MB - Today the Hon. Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food announced much needed and timely support for farmers and ranchers impacted by the severe drought conditions seen across Canada in British Columbia, the prairie provinces, and parts of Ontario.   

Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) appreciates the swiftness of the early designation for the livestock tax deferral, which will allow beef producers who are forced to sell a significant amount of their breeding herd due to drought conditions to offset the resulting revenues with the costs to replace the herd.

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Canadian Cattlemen’s Association with the support of Canadian Canola Growers Association and Grain Growers of Canada request temporary but immediate drought related actions on crop insurance

Calgary, AB - Severe drought conditions are creating significant concerns for beef, grain and oilseed producers in the prairie provinces and parts of B. C. and Ontario.    

Extreme temperatures and below average rainfall have deteriorated pasture, hay and crops, creating limited feed resources and have some beef producers struggling to maintain their herd sizes.   A top priority for beef producers is to maintain the cattle herd by working with grain and oilseed farmers to convert failed crops into suitable feed while that opportunity still exists.

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The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association and Provincial Cattle Associations support FPT Ministers’ meeting on drought and wildfire conditions and call for prompt action on relief measures

Calgary, AB – Beef producers in parts of Ontario, the prairie provinces and British Columbia are facing severe drought conditions. Extreme temperatures and below average rainfall are already creating feed and water supply shortages and have some beef producers struggling to maintain their herd sizes. Active wildfires in B. C. are also significantly impacting the land that cattle producers depend on for grazing and raising their herd. The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association and Provincial Cattle Associations appreciate that Federal-Provincial-Territorial (FPT) Agriculture Ministers will be meeting this afternoon to discuss the critical nature of this severe drought and fire situation.

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Former CCA President Stan Eby inducted into the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame

Calgary, AB – The Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame Association (CAHFA) has announced its five 2021 inductees, including Stan Eby, former Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) President. The CAHFA recognizes Canadian leaders for their contributions to agri-food industries with portraits on display at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and publicity of their career achievements. Stan began farming near Kincardine, Ontario in 1971, where he was one of the first producers to introduce slatted floor beef barns. Since then, his guidance in the beef industry through two key crises has left a lasting legacy of outstanding leadership.

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Cattlemen’s Young Leaders Mentorship Program names its 2021 semi-finalists

Calgary, AB – The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association’s (CCA) Cattlemen’s Young Leaders (CYL) Mentorship Program is pleased to announce its 24 semi-finalists for the upcoming 2021-2022 program year. The CYL Program offers young people ages 18-35 from across Canada the opportunity to be paired with a beef industry leader in their specific area of interest for a nine-month mentorship. In addition, program participants engage in numerous networking opportunities with their peers and industry stakeholders throughout the year, and are granted a $2,000 budget to fund various learning opportunities and their participation in industry events of their choice.

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Le Canada reconnu comme un risque négligeable d’encéphalopathie spongiforme bovine (ESB); ce qui permet d’élargir les possibilités d’exportation de bœuf à l’échelle internationale

Calgary (Alberta) – Aujourd'hui, une étape importante a été franchie pour l'industrie bovine canadienne. L'Organisation mondiale de la santé animale (OIE) a reconnu le Canada comme présentant un risque négligeable d'encéphalopathie spongiforme bovine (ESB). « La désignation par la Commission scientifique de l’OIE d’accorder au Canada le statut de pays à Risque Négligeable pour l’ESB est une fin historique de l’ère de l’ESB pour le Canada qui a causé des difficultés sans précédent à notre industrie au début des années 2000 », a déclaré Bob Lowe, président de l’Association canadienne des éleveurs de bovins (ACEB).

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Canada receives negligible risk for Bovine Spongiform encephalopathy (BSE); allowing for expanded international beef export opportunities 

Calgary, AB – Today marks an important step forward for the Canadian beef industry as the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) recognized Canada as negligible risk for Bovine Spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). “The recommendation by the OIE’s Scientific Commission to grant Canada negligible risk status for BSE is a historic closing of the BSE era for Canada which brought unprecedented hardship to our industry in the early 2000’s,” said Bob Lowe, Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) President. CCA worked closely with the Government of Canada to see the application for negligible risk come to fruition.

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Canadian Cattlemen’s Foundation gift opens opportunity for youth development program at W.A. Ranches

Calgary, AB – The Canadian Cattlemen’s Foundation (CCF) presented a gift of $150,000 to launch a new national youth program delivered from W. A. Ranches at the University of Calgary. This program will offer both urban and rural youth across the country the opportunity to enhance their understanding of how food is produced.   

Bob Lowe, CCF Chair, is eager to see youth who participate in this program gain awareness of how their food is produced.  As Lowe explained “cattle play an important role in conserving Canada’s grasslands.

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