A new chapter for youth leadership in the Canadian beef industry

Calgary, AB – The Canadian Cattle Association (CCA) is pleased to announce the evolution of its two industry-leading youth development programs. Beginning October 3, 2022, the Cattlemen’s Young Leaders Mentorship program will become “Canadian Cattle Young Leaders”, and the Young Cattlemen’s Council will become “Canadian Cattle Youth Council”.

These names will further align the programs with CCA, where “Canadian” will strengthen our national identify when these young leaders represent our industry at meetings and events around the world.

“It’s an exciting time for the beef industry as we pave a strong future,” said CCA President, Reg Schellenberg. “It’s important to have youth involved in these conversations, not only giving them a chance to learn from community leaders, but to share their ideas on how we ensure a vibrant industry for years to come.”

CCA’s youth programs continue to grow and offer unique industry travel and learning opportunities at home and internationally. The cattle industry’s young leaders are actively contributing to the climate change solution, building a legacy for future successors, and continuously looking for ways to enhance resiliency and drive growth in Canada’s beef cattle sector.

About Canadian Cattle Young Leaders

Canadian Cattle Young Leaders (CYL) welcomes young people ages 18-35 across Canada, involved in various aspects of the beef supply chain, to be paired with an industry leader in their specific area of interest for a nine-month mentorship. Through mentorship, networking, and travel, the Canadian CYL Program acts as an industry succession planning tool to equip the next generation of leaders with the skills and tools they need to continue to drive the growth and profitability of the Canadian beef industry. Since established by the Canadian Cattle Association in 2010, the program has seen over 160 CYL graduates. Program applications are open annually for ages 18-35 on our website from early January to the end of March. Learn more at www.canadiancattleyoungleaders.ca.

About the Canadian Cattle Youth Council

The Canadian Cattle Youth Council represents the next generation of beef farmers and ranchers across Canada as a subsidiary of the Canadian Cattle Association and welcomes young beef enthusiasts between the ages of 18-40. The vision of the council is to cultivate youthful leadership by exposing young delegates on the council board to industry policy development, while creating opportunities to gain experience and bring fresh ideas to the Canadian Cattle Association and Canadian beef cattle industry. The council also strives to be a conduit of information between industry organizations and the youth of the beef industry. Ages 18-40 can sign up for free as a member of the Canadian Cattle Youth Council on our website at www.canadiancattleyouthcouncil.ca.

For further information, contact:
Michelle McMullen
Communications Manager
Canadian Cattle Association
403-451-0931| [email protected]

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