Engaging with Parliamentarians

If you’re a beef producer looking to engage with your Member of Parliament (MP) or other policy influencer on a specific topic, please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected] for CCA’s latest key messages on our policy priorities.

MPs must represent all of their constituents. As such, MPs are typically aware of a wide variety of issues making it challenging to keep any one issue top-of-mind at all times. Beef farmers and ranchers can help create awareness about industry issues by getting to know their MP and meeting with them regularly. Taking the opportunity in these meetings to discuss industry issues and their impact on beef cattle farmers and ranchers, as well as offering CCA-sanctioned solutions, ensures that MPs know what action they can take to help the industry. It’s up to farmers and ranchers to keep reminding politicians, and Canada, what this industry means for today and the future.

The CCA offers the following tips for ‘talking to your MP’:

  • Get to know your MP and ensure they know you by meeting with them regularly.
  • Regular contact is a good way to keep your MP focused on issues important to you.
  • Update CCA’s Ottawa staff on your interactions with MPs. This helps to increase the chances of building on that momentum to successfully influence federal policy.
  • Be specific when stating your needs, write down the important points to keep the conversation on track.
  • Take the opportunity in these meetings to ensure that your MP knows what action they can take to help the industry.
  • Momentum is a big part of achieving change in government policies. That momentum comes from one visit at a time.
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