Canadian Beef Industry Goals

The Canadian beef industry knows it has a vital role to play in being part of the solution for climate change. We are demonstrating our commitment to ensuring the health and viability of both the land and animals under the care of farmers and ranchers.

Building upon five-year goals that were outlined in the 2020-2024 National Beef Strategy, the industry has now identified a suite of ambitious ten-year goals that provide clear messaging about the process to continually improve how cattle are raised and enhance the natural environments under the care of beef farmers and ranchers.

This entire suite of long-term goals highlights the work of the Canadian beef industry as integral for climate change mitigation, supporting communities, embracing innovation, and the overall sustainability of our food system. These goals are ambitious, but realistic, and will show how the Canadian beef industry is striving for incremental, continual improvements from environmental, social, and economic perspectives. The hope is that these ambitious goals result in innovation in the beef industry and solidify our place as part of the climate solution.

“We want Canadians to know that we share their concerns around climate change and the need for a resilient food supply. Raising cattle in Canada is good for the environment and these goals demonstrate how we are striving to make every sector of the industry even better.”

Bob Lowe
Alberta rancher and Past President of the Canadian Cattle Association

The Goals

  1. Greenhouse gas and carbon sequestration
  2. Land use and biodiversity
  3. Water and soil quality
  4. Animal health and care
  5. People health and safety
  6. Beef quality and food safety
  7. Technology and innovation

How will these Goals be used?

These goals further position the Canadian beef industry as a leader in beef sustainability, and part of the solution on key topics. In setting these goals, we hope to address challenges and opportunities for improvement head-on, while also communicating the positive impact we have already made, particularly on the environmental and ecosystem benefits of livestock production in Canada.

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