Economic Resiliency

The economic resiliency of beef cattle production encompasses multiple domestic agriculture policies including risk management tools and the stable supply of labour.

CCA’s Principles on Business Risk Management (BRM)

BRM Policy Recommendations

Livestock Price Insurance (LPI)

LPI is a forward-looking, market-based, insurance-style program that allows farmers and ranchers to manage price risk. CCA recommends:

Livestock Tax Deferral

CCA recommends the federal government make modifications to the Livestock Tax Deferral provision that would better enable farmers and ranchers to self-elect when the tool can be utilized and ensure all cattle are eligible under the deferral provision. This will enable farmers and ranchers to better financially adapt in the cases of drought, flooding or fires as these events often force farmers and ranchers to sell animals such as calves and breeding stock earlier than expected.


CCA recommends governments further enhance AgriStability by implementing the following changes:

Forage and Pasture Insurance

Improved hay and forage insurance across the country is needed. Government cost-shared agriculture insurance programs offer coverage for forage crops, including pasture and hay, across Canada. However, farmer and rancher participation in these programs is low relative to annual crops. Forage insurance product offerings are often distinct from annual crops in that coverage and subsequent claim settlement are area based and not based on the production of an individual farm. The lack of individual farm insurance coverage for forages may act as a deterrent to participation and represents a source of inequity between perennial and annual crop BRM solutions. Pasture and forage insurance programs should also be equipped with a mechanism that helps farmers and ranchers account for increased feed prices during times of shortages. These program design improvements could alleviate calls for AgriRecovery during times of drought or flooding.

CCA is actively working with federal and provincial governments on assessing and improving forage insurance programs and their marketing.

Advance Payments Program

CCA requests that the interest-free portion of the Advance Payments Program (APP) be increased to $500,000.

Addressing Labour Shortages