About Us

The Canadian Cattle Association (CCA) is the national voice of Canada’s 60,000 beef farms and feedlots. Founded by producers and led by a producer-elected board of directors, CCA works to address issues that concern Canada’s beef producers.


CCA’s vision is to have a dynamic, profitable Canadian beef industry with high-quality beef products recognized as the most outstanding by customers at home and around the world.


CCA is a non-profit federation comprised of nine provincial member cattle associations that provide representation to a national, producer-led board of directors. The 27-member board provides the leadership and unity necessary to speak as one voice on issues of importance to the beef cattle industry. CCA’s operating divisions carry out the day-to-day business in support of the vision, policies, and recommendations established by the board.


CCA is funded through fee assessments to its provincial cattle association members. The assessments are based on yearly cattle marketing records for each province as a percentage of the total Canadian marketing. This percentage is then applied against the CCA budget as approved by the CCA Board of Directors. Provinces pay this membership to CCA from the provincial portion of their check-off revenues. In some provinces, this portion of the check-off may be refundable.