Canada’s beef industry leads the way in environmental practices

Ottawa, ON – Today, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) released Faster and Further: Canada’s Methane Strategy. The Strategy outlines the Government of Canada’s plan to reduce domestic methane emissions by more than 35 per cent by 2030, compared to 2020 levels. Notably, the agriculture sector is expected to reduce methane emissions by 1 per cent from 2020 levels—an expectation previously announced in the Government of Canada’s Emissions Reduction Plan.

“Canadian cattle farmers and ranchers take a lot of pride in how we sustainably produce safe, high-quality beef for dinner tables in Canada and around the globe,” said Reg Schellenberg, President of the Canadian Cattle Association (CCA). “We stand by our practices and the world can count on Canada to be a leader in sustainable cattle production.”

Advancements in sustainable beef production have been a priority for Canada’s beef industry for many years. The creation of Canada’s National Beef Strategy has led to the development of ambitious 2030 goals, which includes a target of reducing the greenhouse gases (GHG) emission intensity of cattle production in Canada by 33 per cent by 2030. These 2030 goals put Canada’s beef industry on track to meet the Government of Canada’s domestic methane emissions reduction goal and were recognized in the Strategy today.

As a next step, the Government of Canada will launch a consultation on how to achieve these expectations, as part of their Green Agriculture Plan, where CCA will be actively engaged. We will also continue to advocate and build upon the Strategy’s themes which include beef’s holistic environmental benefits, including building biodiversity and providing the majority of wildlife habitat on food producing land. The world needs more Canadian beef and Canada’s beef industry is proud to lead the world in its sustainable production.

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