CCA advocates both domestically and internationally on behalf of Canada’s beef farmers and ranchers to the federal government on issues that impact the sector. Key areas of focus include trade and market access, risk management programming, environmental policies, food regulations, and other competitiveness priority policies.

Beef farmers and ranchers who sit on CCA’s and provincial boards across the country join CCA every year for meetings in Ottawa to advocate on key priorities.

CCA works with its producer-led committees and board to determine the top advocacy priorities for the beef industry. Learn more about our specific priorities:

Trade and Market Access

Continuing to grow and improve access for Canadian beef in key markets (China, other Asian markets, European Union, United Kingdom). Regain remaining BSE-era limits on market access.

Climate Policy & Nature Based Solutions

Have the beef sector recognized as a key part of the solution in fighting climate change and maintaining biodiversity. Elevate the ability for farmers and ranchers to participate in and benefit from investments in natural climate solutions. Continue to push back against misguided climate policies while advancing the Canadian cattle industry’s tremendous environmental record. Invest in strategic research and innovation adoption and uphold the Canadian cattle industry as the global model for sustainable beef production.

Alternative Proteins

Build on successful regulatory frameworks to ensure appropriate oversight and labeling of alternative proteins, advance legislative and regulatory efforts to end deceptive labeling of alternative proteins, and continue to push back on false health and environmental claims that disparage beef.

Animal Health

Strengthen Canada’s ability to respond and proactively address animal health.  Create a national Foot and Mouth Disease vaccine bank.

Animal Care

Ensure Canada’s animal transport regulations utilize the latest research and support animals arriving at their destination in good health and condition, without injury and while minimizing stress. Update the animal transport regulations on feed, water and rest intervals should the forthcoming research warrant.

Financial Risk Management

Enhance the economic resiliency and competitiveness of the Canadian beef industry through developing a livestock price insurance program available across the country and further improving the Agri-Stability program.


Ensure the new Agri-Food Immigration Pilot achieves its objective of filling labour shortages and prioritizes increasing the skills and labour supply of workers in primary agriculture and agri-food processing.

Processing Capacity

Ensure competitiveness of Canada’s processing sector through aligning our regulatory environment with the US. Work to ensure Canada has a resilient processing sector that can deal with seasonal surges or any potential interruptions in processing.


Maintain the global leadership of Canadian farmers and ranchers through strategic investments in long term research and extension.

Next Policy Framework

Avoid gaps between policy frameworks and ensure appropriate investment in research and tools that help beef producers manage financial risk and advance CCA’s policy priorities.

CCA’s 2022 Budget Priorities Submission
Beef Strategy Goals