Market Access Strategy

The CCA works in collaboration with governments and stakeholders in the domestic and international beef value chains to advance trade in Canadian beef and cattle exports worldwide. The ability to sell beef and beef by-products into the markets willing to pay the most for them is crucial to maximizing the value of each animal produced in Canada.

Beef Value Chain Roundtable
The Beef Value Chain Roundtable (BVCRT) was launched to foster collaborative industry-government action to secure an enduring competitive advantage for Canada in international markets.  When Canada's first case of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) was confirmed, with its profound effects on Canadian beef exports, the BVCRT emerged as the central organization for a coordinated, government-industry response to BSE. 

Since then the Roundtable has focused its attention on improving the sector's competitive position. Of note, it has advocated for improvements to Canada's regulatory processes including approvals of animal health products.  The vision of the BVCRT is to "Lead the world in profitable, innovative beef solutions – together." Perhaps one of the most important achievements of the Roundtable has been to improve the spirit of collaboration with the beef value chain.

The BVCRT has since emerged to now place more focus on long-term issues.

Visit Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s webpage on the BVCRT

Agricultural Market Access Secretariat
In 2009, the Government of Canada announced plans to implement several key industry recommendations presented at the Beef Value Chain Roundtable (BVCRT) meeting in late 2008. 

The recommendations, developed by the CCA and its partners, were for a comprehensive roadmap to enhance Canada’s export market access capabilities for agriculture. The report laid out 25 key recommendations, based on in-depth consultations with major meat-exporting nations, Canadian market-access professionals, plus a comprehensive survey of exporters responsible for more than 90 per cent of Canada’s beef exports. 

From this the Federal Government created a new export technical market access secretariat to work full-time on aggressively and strategically securing access to international markets. With the co-ordinating efforts of the secretariat’s trade experts, industry and government trade initiatives work cohesively to promote agricultural exports worldwide, and effectively eliminate any technical barriers to Canadian exports.

Download the document - Enhancing Canada's Technical Market Access Capabilities for Agriculture [PDF / 272.12KB]