Email Your MP

The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) continues to advocate on behalf of beef producers to work towards getting the industry the supports critically needed to navigate the hardships brought on by COVID-19. CCA directors and staff are in frequent communications with the federal government as well as working in close collaboration with industry partners and stakeholders.

On April 21, 2020, CCA submitted a letter to Deputy Prime Minister Freeland and Minister Bibeau requesting urgent assistance in attaining alignment with the provinces and the implementation of our recommendations to address the critical situation facing Canada’s beef farmers and ranchers. To read the letter, click here.

On March 20, 2020, CCA submitted a letter to Minister Bibeau to outline key recommendations to address the impacts of COVID-19 on Canada’s beef farmers and ranchers. To read the letter, click here.

The Young Cattlemen’s Council has also submitted a letter to the Federal Government emphasizing the importance of improving and expanding the Livestock Price Insurance program to help young producers manage the significant market uncertainty caused by COVID-19. To view the letter, click here.

In order to increase our advocacy efforts, the CCA is asking producers to reach out to their local Members of Parliament, regarding the serious impacts on the beef sector, due to COVID-19. Below is a link to a template letter for producers to write to their MPs, which includes the three main asks for Canada’s beef sector. A link to find your Member of Parliament is included in the letter. If you have any questions, please email:


Click here for the template letter