Engaging with Government

Public Consultation
The Government of Canada has a process that enables Canadians to participate in the regulatory process by voicing opinions or providing comments as befits our democratic system.

The Process
Government departments and agencies, as well as stakeholders from the private sector, are required by law to publish certain information about business activities in the federal government’s official newspaper, the Canada Gazette. The Gazette is published under the authority of the Statutory Instruments Act and of the Statutory Instruments Regulations.

The Gazette serves as a consultation tool between the Government of Canada and Canadians. It serves as official notice to Canadians. Items published in the Gazette include formal public notices, official appointments, proposed regulations, regulations and public Acts of Parliament from government departments and agencies. Miscellaneous public notices from the private sector are also published in the Gazette. 

Anyone who may be affected by the proposed regulations can also request background information from the issuing department.

Pre-budget Consultations
On an annual basis, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance invites Canadians to provide input and their ideas for the next federal budget through written submissions as well as committee appearances.

To view CCA’s submission for the 2021 pre-budget consultation, click here.