Industry Analysis

Climate Change

Carbon Pricing and the Canadian Beef Sector

Report [PDF/468 KB]

Carbon Pricing Fact Sheet 

Report [PDF/471 KB]

CCA Strategies for Reducing Greenhouse Gases in Beef Production in Canada (2019)

Report [PDF/903 KB]

Beef Industry Strategies for Reducing Greenhouse Gases and Building the Green Economy (2016)

Report [PDF/903 KB]

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Price Discovery (July 2014)
Price Discovery Task Force (PDF)
Effective Canadian Fed Cattle Price and Market Information (June 2014)
Price Relability Study (March 2016)

International Cost of Production Comparison (July 2014)
Fact Sheet (PDF)

An examination of the Census of Agriculture and the Farm Environmental Management Survey on their ability to respond to the growing need for Sustainability data to uphold Canadian agriculture competitiveness (March 2014)
Environmental Data Survey (PDF)

International Cost of Production Analysis (April 2013)
Cow/Calf Analysis [PDF/274 KB]
Feedlot Analysis [PDF/716 KB]

Market Power Study (December 2012)
Market Power Summary Phase I & II [PDF/206KB]
Market Power Summary Phase III [PDF/198KB]

Multiplier Study: National and Regional Analysis (September 2012)
Summary: Multiplier Summary Sept 2012 [PDF / 182KB]
Final Report: Final Report_Multipliers_CCA Oct 2012 [PDF / 1.58MB]

Updated Canadian Beef Demand Elasticity Study (January 2012)
Canadian Beef Demand Summary [PDF / 134KB]
Final Report [PDF / 257KB]

CRS Analysis: Retail Margins (May 2010)
Retail Margins [PDF / 116.2KB]
Interpreting the Farmer's Share of the Retail Dollar [PDF / 139.63KB]
Determinants of the Canadian - US Basis for Cash Fed Cattle & Impacts from Government Regulations (December 2009)
Fed Basis Study Summary [PDF / 156.09KB]
Canada US Basis Report Final [PDF/2.26MB]
CRS Analysis: The Importance of Market Access (March 2009)
The Importance of Market Access to the Canadian Beef and Cattle Industry [PDF / 210.35KB]
National Farmers Union of Canada (November 2008)
On November 19, 2008 the National Farmers Union (NFU) of Canada released “The Farm Crisis and the Cattle Sector: Toward a New Analysis and New Solutions” report. The NFU report argues that retail and packer concentration, captive supplies, continental integration and an over dependence on exports since 1989 has resulted in a declining cattle price trend (in real dollar terms). This report raised a number of questions within industry regarding historical price trends, export dependence, profit margins and marketing practices.

CCA's response to the NFU report: Click here to read the full report. [PDF / 152.02KB]
Feed Grains and Forage Research and Commercialization in Canada (February 2008)
Executive Summary [PDF / 300.12KB]
Full Report [PDF / 1.09MB]