Sustainable Cattle Campaign

CCA’s Sustainability Campaign, focusing on highlighting the environmental benefits of beef producers, continued to build momentum and see success in 2023.

The purpose of the campaign is to share the positive role that beef cattle have on the environment, and to share that message with federal decision makers, including politicians, officials, and policymakers in Canada.

The campaign is a key element of our environmental advocacy and is a supplemental tool that helps get our message out, in between our meetings, events, and other communications materials.

To date, CCA’s sustainability campaign has taken varied approaches to engage audiences. It spotlighted essential facts and showcased our environmental stewardship efforts. It also emphasized our commitment to the Canadian Beef Industry’s 2030 Goals. To humanize the campaign, it highlighted personal stories from farmers. Moving forward, third party credible experts including scientists who can speak to the same messaging as producers, from another perspective – will also be included. These multifaceted strategies effectively communicate our commitment to transparency, sustainability, and the Canadian beef industry’s shared vision.

How are we seeing the momentum build?