Food Policy

Food policy at CCA continues to follow two components on the domestic side, and a third internationally.

Domestically, we lead advocacy efforts with other meat stakeholders such as the Canadian Meat Council, Canadian Pork Council, National Cattle Feeder’s Association, and Canada Beef to keep red meat on the menu in Canada’s National School Food Policy program. We’re also engaged in discussions surrounding alternative proteins such as plant-based and cell-cultivated protein. As Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) complete their review of the Safe Food for Canadians Act, which sets out the regulations governing novel foods and other products, we will make sure beef and red meat are considered throughout the process.

Particularly, we are closely watching how cell-cultivated protein is reviewed for domestic regulations as well as engaging internationally to watch how other jurisdictions regulate the new product. Additionally, through the Public Stakeholder and Engagement team, CCA is closely monitoring any global trends regarding cell-cultivated proteins.

Internationally, we are working with the Private Sector Mechanism and International Agri-food Network monitoring work of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. Through this partnership, CCA staff attended the inaugural Global Conference on Sustainable Livestock Transformation in Rome. The conference recognized the positive contribution of livestock production systems and urged meaningful engagement of young producers in cross-sectoral partnerships.

Key Accomplishments – 2023

  • Attendance and leadership at the first-ever Global Conference on Sustainable Livestock Transformation where our involvement ensured livestock was given recognition for its environmental benefits.
  • Ongoing engagement with officials at Health Canada and CFIA on novel foods and alternative proteins.

2024 Priorities