Market Access Requirements

Producers and feedlot operators must meet specific production requirements for cattle used to produce beef for export to the European Union (EU). These components are part of the Canadian Program for Certifying Freedom from Growth Enhancing Products (GEPs) for Export of Beef to the EU. Beef from cattle produced under the program is currently being shipped to the EU and once the Canada-EU Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) comes into force there will be significantly greater market opportunities. The EU is Canada’s second largest trade and investment partner with a population of 500 million people and economic activity of about $17 trillion. The EU provides an important opportunity for Canada’s beef cattle producers.

Read the live animal production protocols for;  cow-calf operators here and feedlot producers here.

Please see there for the French versions. The translation was provided by the Fédération des producteurs de bovins du Québec. EU CCA vache-veauEU CCA parc engraissement