Resources for Kids and Teachers

Most Canadian families are far removed from the farm these days and may not have an accurate picture of how beef cattle are raised, what the different beef breeds are, or how a ruminant’s stomach works. The following educational resources are from Canadian farm families, provincial cattle associations and governements and help kids learn all about beef cattle, how they are raised, and the producers who raise them.   

British Columbia
B.C. Ag. In the Classroom has the following resources on its website:

What is a Ruminant Animal?
For those looking to compare digestive systems this summary and concise diagram will give students a close look at the ruminant. Using the example of the beef steer or dairy cow, teachers and students can discover why this complex system is so important. Click here to download.

Tips for Tours (Teachers) and Related Beef Facts
A ranch tour provides the opportunity to raise awareness of the role of agriculture and food production in our daily lives. Ranch tours will help teachers to meet the prescribed learning outcomes in a number of areas in K-4. Click here to download.

Alberta Beef Producers has the following resource sheets for download:
World of Beef K-3
World of Beef 4-5

Saskatchewanwhere beef comes
Where Beef Comes From is a book by Avery Grant and Sherry Grant that can be used as an educational resource to introduce elementary school kids to beef production. is a beef education site in Saskatchewan for teachers.

Manitoba Ag in the Classroom

The Beef Farmers of Ontario has the following resource sheets:
Breeds of Beef Cattle
Beef Farmers of Ontario Activity Book
Farm and Food Care’s Real Dirt on Farming