Partners Program

Established in 1932, the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) is the national association representing the interests of Canada’s 55,000 beef farms. The CCA speak as one voice for the beef industry and is extensively involved in a wide range of industry issues. These include foreign trade and market access, animal health and welfare, environment, food policy, climate change, fiscal and monetary policy, and grading.

• The CCA Partners Program is a membership program for organizations wishing to affili ate themselves with CCA and the Canadian beef industry.

• In addition to showing support for Canadian cattle producers, the program provides the opportunity to participate on issues affecting the industry. The partnership provides a unique method to foster valuable relationships with those involved in the cattle industry.

• The program offers three levels of partnership engagement – Prime, AAA, and AA, allowing organizations to select a level of involvement that complements their corporate sponsorship goals. CCA also offers customized sponsorship options beyond what is offered here. Please connect with us if you would like to pursue a sponsorship program that is specifically tailored to your company needs. 

With the support of corporate partners, CCA will continue to work toward a dynamic, profitable Canadian beef industry with high-quality beef products recognized as the most outstanding by customers at home and around the world.

For more information on the program or to become a CCA Partner, contact:

David Moss
General Manager
Tel: 403.275.8558
Fax: 403.274.5686