Improved Alignment of the Supply Chain

The objective in this area was to improve alignment of the Canadian beef industry supply chain through improving product and supply consistency, assisting in source and quality verification of product, improving the ability to transfer information between stakeholders/sectors, and enhancing price discovery capabilities.

Research was conducted to better understand the marketing dynamics in the Canadian cattle industry and to explore alternative pricing mechanisms and risk management strategies for cattle producers. It was also done to assess the opportunities and constraints associated with implementing alternative traceability systems, marketing agreements, value chain alliances, and branded beef programs.

Additional activities included:

  • creating publicly-available market information resources to provide the industry with a better understanding of the pricing structure and market dynamics of boxed beef and commercial beef
  • facilitating and participating in the creation and design of new beef economic research institutions and networks to facilitate and further develop beef economic research resources that can continue to address the priorities of the Improved Alignment of the Supply Chain pillar and future beef economic research priorities
  • developing a publicly-available data software program to assist small cattle producers in managing their production records, obtaining key production reports, and enabling them to automatically submit increased volumes of information to the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency.

Projects funded from March 2002 to March 2006
Assessing Traceability [PDF / 160.15KB]
Beef Contracting and Pricing
NAIBER Strategic Plan
Bluetongue Risk Assessment
Boxed Beef Commentary
Boxed Beef Report
Value Chain Business Plan
By-Product Value Report
Carcass Cut-out Model
CCIA Proposal on Carcass Info
Commercial Beef Strategy
Cow/Calf Software
Consumer Risk Perception [PDF / 551.04KB]
Cow Cut Out Model [PDF / 293.21KB]
Distributor Education
Economics of DNA Trait Selection [PDF / 570.99KB]
Exchange Rate Project [PDF / 633.13KB]
Future of Animal Agriculture
Canadian Agri-Products Policy
IFASA Task Force
Packer Feeder Game
Pasture to Plate Information Tools
Price Discovery Review & Views [PDF / 63.19KB]
Pricing to Value Report - Report 1 [PDF / 204.53KB], Report 2 [PDF / 130.18KB] and Report 3 [PDF / 580.63KB]
Value Chain Speech [PDF / 110.37KB]
Value Chain Alliances [PDF / 1.04MB]
US Market Development
Web based Boxed Beef