Expanded Market Share and Security & Increased Product Value

The overall objective within this area was to develop a strategy to maintain consumer confidence in the wake of BSE, to address the excess of over-thirty-month (OTM) product in Canada and to maintain relationships with export nations in preparation for borders re-opening to Canadian beef.

Projects funded from March 2002 to March 2004
Call to Action Campaign Edmonton Journal Ad [PDF / 403.93KB]
Call to Action Campaign Toronto Star Ad [PDF / 397.2KB]
Canadian Burger Program
Canadian Burger Program - Independent Operators
China Promotional Material
China Tech/Food Service Seminars
Confidence Development
Consumer Resource Reprinting
Distribution Beautiful Burgers Brochure [PDF / 163.24KB]
Distribution Marvellous Marinades [PDF / 2.16MB]
Foodservice Distributor Program
Foodservice Operator Program
Health Professional Communications Beautiful Burgers [PDF / 163.24KB]
Health Professional Communications Marvellous Marinades [PDF / 2.17MB]
Hip, Chuck, Ground Beef Resource Beautiful Burgers [PDF / 163.24KB]
Hip, Chuck, Ground Beef Resource Marvellous Marinades [PDF / 2.16MB]
Independent Operators Network Beautiful Burgers [PDF / 163.24KB]
Independent Operators Network Marvellous Marinades [PDF / 2.16MB]
Japan Promotional Material
Japan Retail & Food Service Promotions
Japan Tech/Food Service Seminars
Korea Promotional Material
Korea R & FS Promotions
Korea Tech/FS Seminars
Mexico Promotional Material
Mexico R & FS Promotions
Retail Feature & Sales Promotion
Retail Merchandising Seminars
Taiwan Promotional Material
Taiwan R & FS Promotions
Taiwan Tech/FS Seminars
Team Canada Resource [PDF / 339.1KB]

Projects funded from March 2004 to March 2006
Carcass Value
China Beef Quality Perceptions
China Retail & Food Service Promotions
China VIP Beef Awareness
Commercial Beef Consumer Education Research
CB Market Development Food Service
Commercial Beef Quality Research
Commercial Beef Safety Research
Commercial Beef Technical Advisory
Commercial Beef Tracking Studies
Customer Service Centre
Food Safety
Guide to Commercial Beef Products
Hamburger - Healthy Fast Food
Japan Advertising & Public Relations
Japan Beef Quality Perceptions
Japan Canadian Beef Seminars
Japan Retail & Food Service Promotions
Key Message Development
Korea Beef Quality Perceptions
Korea Food Shows
Market Access & Security
Market Research
Mexico Advertising & Public Relations
Mexico Canada Beef Seminars
Mexico Food Shows
Mexico Promotional Material
Mexico Retail & Food Service Promotions
Mexico VIP Beef Awareness
Proactive Consumer Communications [PDF / 1.95MB]
Product Development
Product Perception (Toronto Star and Edmonton Journal ad) [PDF / 397.2KB]
Quality & Safety Tech Transfer
Quality & Consistency
Quick Service Restaurant Education
Resources Update [PDF / 32.74KB]
Retail Education & Ground Beef
Retail Sales Promotion
Strategy Development [PDF / 293.21KB]
Taiwan Beef Quality Perceptions
Website Development