New interactive learning resource to bring Guardians of the Grasslands to Canadian students

AITC-C launches Guardians of the Grasslands in the Classroom

Headingley, MB – Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C), along with its 10 provincial members, is excited to launch a teaching guide with interactive resources for Guardians of the Grasslands, a documentary that explores the role that cattle play in the survival of Canada’s vanishing grasslands ecosystem. 

Through a funding partnership with the Canadian Cattlemen’s Foundation (CCF), Guardians of the Grasslands in the Classroom complements the 12-minute documentary through viewing and reflection questions, an online scavenger hunt, and a student-developed board game based on their investigative research. It also connects to further readings exploring the key topics of biodiversity, soil health, climate change, and land management. 

“Guardians of the Grasslands in the Classroom is a curriculum-linked, purpose-driven opportunity for teachers and students to learn about and reflect on the endangered grasslands ecosystem in a way that fosters critical thinking and creativity,” said Melissa Galay, Education Specialist with AITC-C. 

Most Canadians – let alone students – are not aware of the important role that cattle play in preserving and maintaining what remains of our country’s grasslands. Through the documentary and fun, interactive learning resources, students will learn how ranchers, conservationists, and others are working together towards protecting what is left the grasslands. 

"By developing Guardians of the Grasslands in the Classroom as an educational resource, students across Canada will have the opportunity to learn about cattle's important role in preserving grassland ecosystems. We are proud to partner with Agriculture in the Classroom Canada to further showcase our industry's positive environmental story to youth across the country," said Bob Lowe, Chair of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Foundation. 

Guardians of the Grasslands in the Classroom is targeted at Grades 7 to 11 students, and is available for free download on AITC-C’s Curriculum Connected Resource Matrix, found here.

The Guardians of the Grasslands documentary is available for public viewing here.


About Agriculture in the Classroom Canada
Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C) is a Canadian charitable organization with a vision to bring agriculture to every classroom, inspiring every student. Alongside ten provincial member organizations, AITC-C provides accurate, balanced and current, curriculum-linked resources for students at all grade levels.

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About Canadian Cattlemen’s Foundation
The Canadian Cattlemen’s Foundation was established as a charity in 2014 to support sustainability and innovation within Canada’s beef industry, through a network of 55,000 beef farms, ranches, industry related partners and donors. We work in partnership with donors and stakeholders to support next generation leadership development and sustainability initiatives for the Canadian beef industry. More information about CCF.

About Guardians of the Grasslands
Guardians of The Grasslands is a short documentary brought to you by a group of dedicated conservationists, ranchers and Canadian filmmakers. The film explores the current state of one of the world’s most endangered ecosystems, the Great Plains grasslands, and the role that cattle play in its survival. As we reach new critical levels in the loss of these iconic landscapes, there are important truths we must face about humanity’s relationship with the land and our food. Guardians of the Grassland was produced by Story Brokers Media House in collaboration with Public and Stakeholder Engagement (a program of the CCA), Ducks Unlimited Canada and the Nature Conservancy of Canada.


For­ more information, contact:

Alyssa McDonald, Communications Manager, Agriculture in the Classroom Canada 

Brady Stadnicki, Manager of Policy and Programs, Canadian Cattlemen’s Association

Jessica Radau, Youth Leadership Coordinator, Canadian Cattlemen’s Association


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