CCA is encouraged by Minister Bibeau’s announcement today to help beef farmers and ranchers impacted by severe drought conditions

Winnipeg, MB - Today the Hon. Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food announced much needed and timely support for farmers and ranchers impacted by the severe drought conditions seen across Canada in British Columbia, the prairie provinces, and parts of Ontario.  

Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) appreciates the swiftness of the early designation for the livestock tax deferral, which will allow beef producers who are forced to sell a significant amount of their breeding herd due to drought conditions to offset the resulting revenues with the costs to replace the herd. After an initial review, there are missing areas across the provinces and CCA emphasizes that those additional regions need to be added as eligible as soon as possible. As the deferral is not currently multi-year and is not eligible for all classes of cattle, CCA will continue to advocate for subsequent changes for the deferral and work with Minister Bibeau and government officials on this request.  

“Canadian farmers and ranchers are facing one of the most severe, widespread droughts and one of the largest feed supply shortages that they have experienced in decades. We appreciate Minister Bibeau and the federal government taking the time to visit one of the hardest hit areas of the drought and subsequently taking swift action to support farm families. We will continue to work with the Minister, the provinces and impacted stakeholders to seek further necessary supports for beef farmers and ranchers,” said Reg Schellenberg, Vice-President, CCA.

CCA welcomes the additional federal support for AgriInsurance to make drought-damaged crops available for feed to help beef producers immediately. CCA is supportive of crop insurance changes announced jointly by the Federal and Provincial governments. These changes align with our recommendations for incentives to salvage crops into livestock feed and added support for producers to purchase additional feed. Changes include Hay Disaster Benefit (HDB) triggered for 2021 and quality adjustment applied to in-field appraisals. 

Today’s announcement is welcomed by CCA, and we are encouraged that Minister Bibeau will continue working on other programs to support farmers and ranchers with drought conditions. CCA will continue to work closely with Minister Bibeau and the provincial governments through our provincial members on our other recommendations, including AgriRecovery and AgriStability, both federal-provincial initiatives. 

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Tammy Melesko 
Communications Manager 
Canadian Cattlemen’s Association