CCA encouraged by federal budget investments that recognize the role of agriculture in climate change solutions, the Green Economy and economic recovery and growth

Ottawa, ON – Following yesterday’s first federal budget in over two years, the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) continues to advocate the important role that agriculture will have in helping the Government of Canada reach its climate action, green economy targets and pandemic recovery.

“CCA welcomes Budget 2021 as a starting place for economic recovery discussions. With enabling supports and strategic investments, the agri-food sector has the potential to come out of the pandemic stronger than ever and help Canada in its fight against climate change,” said Bob Lowe, CCA President. “We encourage the Government of Canada to continue consulting with the agriculture sector, including the beef industry, as details of these new policies, programs and funding opportunities are finalized.” 

Within the beef sector, we’re already leading sustainability initiatives through our 2030 goals and look forward to being a partner of the government as policies and programs are developed. As CCA noted in our pre-budget submission, it is important for farmers and ranchers to be part of these discussions to ensure there are not unintended consequences for the environment, such as grassland loss. We note the Budget included land conservation efforts and it is important that grasslands, that are such a vital part of the working landscape, are included in these policies, particularly as other government policies may lead to the unintended consequence of further grassland conversion.

“CCA is pleased the Liberal Government recognizes in Budget 2021 that traditional economy sectors, including agriculture, will lead the new sustainable economy. The economic viability of producers is essential as is the need for a stable food supply, which has been strongly emphasized during the pandemic.”  

As the beef industry produces high quality premium beef products that are sold around the world, it was positive to see investments in reducing internal trade barriers and building infrastructure that supports trade. That said, we are interested to learn more about the border carbon adjustments, which could have significant ramifications for international trade.

With the substantial budget now released, CCA recognizes that part of the economic long-term sustainability will come from Canada’s private sector, including the beef industry. Beef producers are well-positioned to help drive Canada’s economic recovery and growth, working in tandem with the Government’s sustainability priorities.

The CCA will continue to pursue funding for increased resources to support export-oriented agriculture and support for increased processing capacity like what was made available to other sectors in the budget. 

CCA staff continue to analyze the budget and will be continuing discussions with the Government of Canada to ensure the beef industry is part of these discussions.

For further information, contact:
Tammy Melesko
Communications Manager
Canadian Cattlemen’s Association