CCA announces 2015 Beef Industry Innovation & Sustainability Award

Ottawa, On - The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) is pleased to announce the late Dr. Colin Gill as the recipient of the 2015 Beef Industry Innovation and Sustainability Award (BIISA). Dr. Gill was selected to receive the 2015 BIISA in recognition of his outstanding scientific achievement and dedication to public health that has contributed significantly to the sustainability of the Canadian beef industry.

Dr. Gill worked as a senior research scientist in the field of meat microbiology at the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) Research Centre in Lacombe, Alberta for the past 25 years until his death in December. He believed in the importance of practically oriented research and he spent a great deal of time in packing plants and other commercial facilities in Canada to assess and enhance production practices.

Among his many achievements is his contribution to the design and implementation of the carcass pasteurizer for which he was granted three patents. The carcass pasteurizer is now used across North America and is recognized as one of the most important food safety interventions currently available given its proven ability to reduce E.coli on carcass surfaces.

He also contributed significantly to our ability to extend the shelf-life of exported beef products through the study of the microbiological mechanisms of premature spoilage, packaging systems for extended shelf-life and the estimation of shelf-life through predictive microbiological methods. Dr. Gill was regularly consulted by Canadian regulatory officials as well as our trading partners and he provided assurances with research focused on the safety of entire product categories including mechanically tenderized and moisture enhanced beef. Dr. Gill produced approximately 250 scientific manuscripts that have been cited more than 3,000 times in publications by scientists around the world.

Awarded posthumously at the CCA Annual General Meeting (AGM) VIP Reception in Ottawa, ON, the 2015 BIISA was presented to Dr. Gill’s son, Dr. Alex Gill, who carries on the family tradition in his role as a research scientist in the field of microbiology for Health Canada.

“Dr. Gill’s scientific ability and passion for his work is evident in the many significant contributions he made to beef safety during a career of more than 40 years,” said CCA Executive Vice President Dennis Laycraft. “Some of his most important work involved the training of younger scientists who are now well positioned to advance research and scientific discovery in Canada. The 2015 BIISA celebrates these contributions and recognizes Dr. Gill’s outstanding scientific achievement and dedication to public health.”


BIISA is awarded to any value chain partner or individual in the beef cattle industry who successfully implements innovation that clearly demonstrates a contribution to industry competitiveness and sustainability.

In the beef cattle industry, innovation that contributes to industry sustainabilitycan include improvements to practices, systems and products, and increased efficiencies in services or processes, on-farm and off-farm. Innovation can also apply to promotional or marketing campaigns, outreach efforts, research, and product development. Innovation occurs throughout the value chain and eligibility for the award is correspondingly broad.

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