CCMDC Strategy and Reports

Annual Implementation Plans reflected the direction and priorities of the CCMDC Strategic Marketing Plan and were developed in consultation with the major fund recipients and their industry partners. Annual reports highlighted the results of the plans, and can be viewed through the following links:


CCMDC 10-year review [PDF/460 KB]

2014/15 Results Report
2014/15 Results Report summary French [PDF/402 KB]

2014/15 Marketing Plan [PDF/1.39 KB]
2014/15 Marketing Plan summary FR [PDF/320 KB]</>

2013/14 Results Report Summary French 
2013/14 Results Report 
2013/14 CCMDC Marketing Plan 
2013/14 CCMDC Marketing Plan Summary French 
2012/13 Results Report 
2012/13 Results Report Summary French

To view archived CCMDC Marketing Implementation Plans & Results reports, click here.