Canadian Cattlemen Market Development Council and Legacy Fund

The Canadian Beef and Cattle Market Development Fund or the ‘Legacy Fund’ was established in 2005 when the Governments of Canada and Alberta committed $80 million ($50 million and $30 million respectively) to the industry to support long-term market development. The funding was entrusted to the CCA to administer in a strategic manner over a 10 year period. It was matched by industry through the national and provincial check-off, paid by producers.

The CCA established the Canadian Cattlemen Market Development Council (CCMDC) to oversee the administration and allocation of the $80 million in government contributions. This contribution, combined with industry funds including national and provincial check-off, provided nearly $120 million for the period 2005 to 2015 to recover and expand markets around the world for Canadian beef and cattle genetics.

The CCMDC’s mission is to maintain consumer confidence for all markets, build on Canada’s comparative advantage to implement innovative market strategies, increase sales in existing markets (domestic, U.S. and Mexico), secure markets for beef from animals over 30 months (OTM), intensify programs to be ready for re-entry into markets such as South Korea, and develop new markets such as Russia, EU, Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore.

The Legacy Fund supported eligible export marketing activities. The main recipients of funding were Canada Beef Inc., which markets Canadian beef worldwide, and the Canadian Beef Breeds Council, which represents Canadian Purebred cattle genetics.

In addition, any eligible Alberta company or organization that proposed an innovative marketing initiative utilizing Alberta value-added beef products was considered for funding through the Alberta International Beef Marketing Development Fund.

With the Canadian Beef and Cattle Market Development Fund concluded in 2015, a ‘Strategic Marketing Plan Look-Back Review’ was prepared. The Review examined fund governance, achievements, long-term outcomes and metrics to determine if the CCMDC was successful in achieving the objectives in its Strategic Marketing Plan. Developed in 2006, the Strategic Marketing Plan defined the overall direction, goals and priorities to guide the allocation of the Canadian Beef and Cattle Market Development Fund.

Click here for the CCMDC news release about the 10-year review.