BSE Documents

BSE Documents
CCA Amicus Curiae March 2007 [PDF / 273.17KB]
Testing for surveillance protocols - Canada and the US June 2005 [PDF / 31.17KB]
Impact on US beef packers workers and the economy of restricted cattle trade between Canada and the US - December 2004 [PDF / 191.69KB]
Open letter to beef cattle producers from CCA President Stan Eby - May 2004 [PDF / 43.59KB]
FAQ on BSE testing and surveillance - June 2004 [PDF / 24.34KB]
Comments on the current situation in Canada beef cattle industry - February 2004 [PDF / 7.22KB]
FAQ on beef imports - May 2004 [PDF / 32.16KB]
BSE and the beef cattle industry - Strategy for recovery - Fall 2004 [PDF / 1.36MB]
Briefing paper on National Basis Guarantee May 2004 [PDF / 45.96KB]

Further info on the Strategic Plan to Reposition the Canadian Beef Cattle Industry
BC Govt - 07-10-04 - 6 million dollar calf program eases BSE pressure on markets [PDF / 25.04KB]
CCA - A Strategic Plan for the Canadian Beef Cattle Industry [PDF / 283.50KB]

News releases from other orgs
02-10-03 - CBEF news release - Mexico Official Reopens Border [PDF / 69.05KB]
07-08-03 - Dairy farmers worried about BSE fallout [PDF / 106.37KB]
23-07-03 - Important changes to the Canadian cattle identification programs as a result of BSE [PDF / 15.64KB]
21-05-03 - Canada beef staying close to beef export markets [PDF / 56.74KB]
20-05-03 - CCIA statement regarding BSE disease investigation in Alberta [PDF / 48.24KB]
20-05-03 - US House of Agriculture Committee joint statement [PDF / 5.03KB]

CCA Statements on BSE in Canada
05-04-06 - Canadian cattle industry overcomes major hurdle in BSE recovery [PDF / 84.57KB]
12-12-05 - CCA commends Japanese decision to re-open market to Canadian beef [PDF / 84.08KB]
14-10-05 - Court of appeals denies RCALF request for rehearing [PDF / 82.57KB]
25-07-05 - Ninth circuit court of appeals ruling released [PDF / 80.13KB]
18-07-05 - First live cattle cross border from Canada to US [PDF / 84.56KB]
14-07-05 - Court of appeals reverses preliminary injunction [PDF / 79.47KB]
13-07-05 - CCA statement on hearing in ninth circuit court of appeals [PDF / 79.82KB]
15-06-05 - Cattle associations written briefs accepted in Montana court case [PDF / 84.91KB]
10-06-05 - USDA reconfirms intention to re-open border to Canadian cattle [PDF / 16.76KB]
07-06-05 - Canadian cattle produer groups granted stattus in appeal of continued border closure [PDF / 17.30KB]
27-05-05 - WTO for animal health supports Canadian beef trade [PDF / 17.15KB]
02-05-05 - Canada increases BSE surveillance by almost 800 per cent [PDF / 72.61KB]
25-04-05 - CCA file brief in appeal of border closure [PDF / 71.38KB]
22-04-05 - Powerful US farm groups take action to re-open trade with Canada [PDF / 16.59KB]
18-04-05 - Ag orgs request formal disput settlement with US [PDF / 16.87KB]
28-03-05 - CCA announces action plan priorities [PDF / 20.38KB]
21-03-05 - CCA files for standing in RCALF vs USDA suit [PDF / 82.12KB]
11-03-05 - CCA welcomes US packer support to open US border [PDF / 13.83KB]
10-03-05 - Canadian beef industry makes strides in regaining and growing export markets [PDF / 16.56KB]
02-01-05 - CCA statement on announcement of new case of BSE [PDF / 14.43KB]
30-12-04 - CCA statement on possible new case of BSE [PDF / 13.62KB]
29-12-04 - Canadian cattle to begin moving to US March 7 [PDF / 14.77KB]
18-10-04 - CCA continues lobbying internationally [PDF / 21.31KB]
02-09-04 - CCA discusses strategy for recovery with Minister of Ag [PDF / 19.79KB]
20-08-04 - CCA board unanimously approves strategic plan [PDF / 21.76KB]
09-08-04 - CCA and Ag Canada discuss contingency and industry adjustment strategy [PDF / 29.67KB]
26-07-04 - Beef value chain roundtable wraps up meeting in Calgary [PDF / 66.65KB]
20-07-04 - CCA discusses contingency plan with assistant deputy ministers [PDF / 20.09KB]
29-06-04 - CCA works to displace imports of off-shore beef [PDF / 21.37KB]
15-06-04 - CCA fed minister meet on BSE issues [PDF / 20.09KB]
11-06-04 - Beef industry roundtable determines contingency plans [PDF / 77.28KB]
07-04-04 - CCA welcomes end of comment period and awaits results [PDF / 19.31KB]
22-03-04 - Canadian cattle industry expresses appreciation to fed govt [PDF / 19.28KB]
04-03-04 - CCA comments on re-opening of comment period [PDF / 19.33KB]
21-11-03 - CCA comments on program announced by fed govt [PDF / 8.41KB]
31-10-03 - CCA reacts to USDA proposed rule regarding future live cattle exports to the US [PDF / 8.09KB]
10-09-03 - CCA welcomes news of first beef shipment to US [PDF / 7.79KB]
14-069-05 - CCA continues to seek status in RCALF vs USDA suit [PDF / 83.35KB]

BSE in the USA
24-06-05 - CCA statement on positive BSE test result in US [PDF / 13.70KB]
10-06-05 - CCA statement on USDA announcement [PDF / 79.48KB]

Legal activity regarding the USDA rule to reopen the border to Canadian live cattle
Summary of legal actions in US September 2006 [PDF / 180.06KB]

USDA Appeal of Preliminary Injunction
ABP amicus curiae brief [PDF / 948.89KB]
Brief amicus curiae of American Farm Bureau and NCBA [PDF / 109.76KB]
Brief amicus curiae of AMI et al [PDF / 1.91MB]
Brief amicus curiae of Camelid Alliance [PDF / 42.87KB]
Brief amicus curiae of Easterday Ranches [PDF / 542.28KB]
Brief amicus curiae of Tyson Foods [PDF / 212.94KB]
CCA amicus curiae brief [PDF / 1.77MB]
Govt of Canada amicus curiae brief [PDF / 1.58MB]
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals opinion for overturning preliminary injunction [PDF / 184.19KB]
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals order reversing preliminary injunction [PDF / 44.28KB]
RCALF request for rehearing [PDF / 280.57KB]
USDA filing for appeal [PDF / 180.91KB]

CCA Amicus Curiae brief - February 2005 [PDF / 796.41KB]
CCA Amicus Curiae March 2007 [PDF / 273.17KB]
CCA second Amicus Curiae brief - June 2005 [PDF / 249.36KB]
CCA-ABP Appeal of Denial of Intervenor Status [PDF / 1.09MB]
CCA-ABP leave to file brief [PDF / 204.83KB]
CCA-ABP reply brief to RCALF opposition [PDF / 61.33KB]
Govt of Canada Amicus Curiae brief [PDF / 99.26KB]
Govt of Canada Leave to File Brief [PDF / 642.72KB]
Meat Associations Leave to File Brief [PDF / 1.26MB]
Motion of Honourable Harper et al for leave to intervene [PDF / 269.60KB]
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denial of appeal of intervenor status [PDF / 65.57KB]
Order of Preliminary Injunction [PDF / 2.46MB]
Order vacating July 27 hearing [PDF / 33.58KB]
RCALF complaint for declatory and injunctive relief [PDF / 217.47KB]
RCALF memorandum in support of plaintiff motion for Summary Judgement [PDF / 176.15KB]
RCALF motion for summary judgement [PDF / 43.24KB]
RCALF opposition to amicus briefs [PDF / 117.73KB]
RCALF reply memorandum [PDF / 140.78KB]
US District Court denial of RCALF motion for summary judgement [PDF / 58.77KB]
USDA opposition to plaintiff motion [PDF / 96.84KB]