Raising Cattle to be used for Exports of Beef to the EU

Producers and feedlot operators must meet specific production requirements for cattle used to produce beef for export to the European Union (EU). These components are part of the Canadian Program for Certifying Freedom from Growth Enhancing Products (GEPs) for Export of Beef to the EU.

NEW! GEP Free Producer List - as privacy regulations currently do not permit CFIA to share the names of operations that are eligible for the EU, producers wishing to be on a public list and/or recieve related information can register by clicking here.     You can view the list of registered or interested producers by clicking on this link.

Written Summary: Read a summary of the live animal production protocols for;  cow-calf operators here and feedlot producers here. The french translations below were provided by the Fédération des producteurs de bovins du Québec. EU CCA vache-veau - EU CCA parc engraissement

CFIA Approved Vet List: Producers must work with a CFIA approved veterinarian from industry. Click to view the list of CFIA approved veterinarians for the GEP freeprogram in a spreadsheet. This list is a partial listing only. If you are a CFIA approved veterinarian who wishes to be included please contact us. 

The videos below provide an overview of EU regulations for GEPs, Canada's GEP free program, and information on initial enrollment, on-farm assessments and record keeping requirements for cow-calf, feedlot and backgrounding operations.  The final video addresses so called "mixed operations" operations where some animals are not eligible for the EU.

Note: to watch a video so it fills your screen, click on the white title text on the video to open it in a new web browser tab. Next click on the full screen icon on the bottom right corner of the video. A link to the video with french subtitles is below each video. 

Growth Enhancing Products (GEPs) and the European Union:  Video Introduction to the Canadian Program for Certifying Freedom from Growth Enhancing Products:
Vidéo 1 avec sous-titres Français Vidéo 2 avec sous-titres Français

Initial Enrolment and Annual On-Farm Assessment for Cow-Calf:  Cow-calf: Record Keeping Requirements:
Vidéo 3A avec sous-titres Français Vidéo 4A avec sous-titres Français


VIDEOS FOR FEEDING OPERATIONS (includes Backgrounders)
Initial Enrolment and Annual On-Farm Assessment for Feeding Operations: Feedlot: Record Keeping Requirements:
Vidéo 3B avec sous-titres Français Vidéo 4B avec sous-titres Français



Operations with EU Eligible and Ineligible Cattle:

Vidéo 5 avec sous-titres Français