Canadian Beef Advantage

In today's marketplace, we need to be strategic marketers. We provide a high-quality product, but also a valuable service, one that faces huge competition and pressure from groups that sometimes look to discredit it. To simply supply a good product is not enough, we need to add value to it and aggressively market it.

To differentiate Canadian beef and beef products, the Canadian Cattlemen Market Development Council (CCMDC) developed an industry-wide, global brand strategy called the Canadian Beef Advantage (CBA). The main objectives of the CBA are to expand and secure Canada's access into markets that will accept all beef cattle products and to clearly define Canadian beef and its advantages over competitors.

The Canadian beef cattle industry and beef products enjoy some internationally-recognized advantages and these could and should be utilized to position the industry and differentiate it among its competition. These advantages include:

  • high-quality beef
  • high-yielding beef carcasses
  • beef genetics that are among the best in the world
  • a clean and environmentally-friendly production system
  • a world-renowned cattle identification system that enables traceability and source/age verification
  • HAACP-based food safety systems second to none at the packer level and voluntary on-farm HAACP-based food safety systems
  • Canadians as people with integrity
  • the commitment to leadership and innovation

CBA Value Proposition
Based on a value proposition, the CBA describes unique standards and practices implemented by industry, designed to achieve recognition by the marketplace (domestic and international) that Canadian beef and cattle provide an advantage over the competition.

CBA Brand Promise
The CBA Brand promotes the benefits of choosing Canadian beef from farm to fork, including production practices, environmental stewardship, beef quality and yield advantages, plus our global animal health status (recognized by the World Animal Health Organisation - OIE) and food safety practices – creating consumer awareness.

  • Creates a highly-visible identity for differentiating Canadian beef worldwide from its competition with the CBA logo symbolizing the superior attributes of Canadian high quality, grain-fed beef and cattle, adding value and increasing demand.
  • Supports the CBA objective for ‘maximizing’ the value of every cut and product from each animal.
  • Helps overcome unfair trade barriers in foreign markets, through increased industry and consumer awareness.

CBA Logo
The trademarked CBA logos are available for use by the industry. For access and permission to utilize the CBA logos, contact Canada Beef Inc. for further information.

CBA Benefits
The ability for anyone on the CBA program to access information along the value chain and to capitalize on the advantages listed above will depend on the adoption of the industry's value proposition.

Producer Benefits
Defining production practices contributes to increasing the overall value of Canadian beef, creating a standard of excellence recognized by industry and consumers. 

Individual producer production practices will contribute to increasing the overall value of Canadian beef on all levels - domestic, national and international.

Packing & Processor Benefits
Packing plants will be able to promote the beef from animals on the program as age-verified, fully traceable back to the herd of origin and as having health records.

  • Results in higher carcass values over time, as demand for beef from cattle on the CBA program increases domestically and internationally.

Retailer Benefits
The benefit to retailers, over time results in higher carcass values as consumer demand for beef from cattle on the CBA program increases domestically and internationally.

  • Offering the strong Canadian brand increases consumer demand as customers come to expect and receive specified qualities and service will be the end result