Our Staff

Dennis Laycraft / Executive Vice President

Leading the CCA and its various divisions, Dennis serves as a spokesperson for the beef cattle industry on trade, product safety, and animal disease issues. A senior policy analyst and lobbyist for the CCA, Dennis addresses issues at the national and international levels which impact Canada's beef cattle industry. He manages any legal actions that the CCA undertakes to defend Canada's beef cattle sector from trade actions or unfair trade practices and is a member of the industry technical advisory group on World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations.

Participating on several government and industry task forces and committees, Dennis has chaired or sat in an advisory capacity on many initiatives including the Regulations and Standards working group on the Agri-Food Competitiveness task force; advisor to Canada's Auditor General's department on a number of food inspection and research matters; and is the current co-chair of the Beef Value Chain Roundtable which brings together industry leaders throughout the value chain to provide strategic direction. Dennis is a founding member of the Canadian Beef Grading Agency.

Fawn Jackson / Director of Policy and International Affairs (Ottawa)

Fawn is a leading voice in Canadian agriculture with a particular focus on international trade and sustainable agriculture systems. In her role as Director of Policy and International Relations Fawn lead’s CCA’s Ottawa team that delivers policy analysis and perspectives to federal and international stakeholders. Fawn leads CCA’s international trade committee that focuses on attaining meaningful market access for Canadian beef and livestock. Fawn has represented the beef industry in trade negotiations such as the New NAFTA, the Canada-UK Continuity Agreement and the implementation of CETA and CPTPP. Fawn also leads CCA’s climate change file, positioning Canada’s beef industry as global leader and climate positive solution for Canada’s green economy. In her previous role Fawn was the founding Executive Director of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. Key CRSB accomplishments during Fawn’s tenure included the development of the Certified Sustainable Beef Program, the first sustainable beef certification program in the world, and leading the industry’s first sustainability strategy and assessment.

Fawn completed her undergrad at the University of Alberta in Natural Resource and Agricultural Economics and a Master of International Agriculture from Oklahoma State University. Fawn is a Fellow with the Canadian Global Affairs Institute and board member with Ducks Unlimited Canada. Fawn grew up on a grain and purebred cattle farm in Manitoba and now resides in Ottawa. Follow Fawn on Twitter @FawnJackson1

Jennifer Babcock / Senior Manager, Government Relations

Jennifer leads CCA’s government relations strategy and outreach in Ottawa, communicating CCA’s policy positions with the Federal Government. Prior to joining CCA, Jennifer worked in public affairs and advocacy with a focus on agriculture, health, trade and environment. Jennifer also previously worked on Parliament Hill. She is a board director for the Government Relations Institute of Canada. Follow Jennifer on Twitter @Jenn_Babs


Lauren Martin / Government & Food Industry Relations Manager

Lauren is the CCA staff for the national government relations and food policy. Working as part of CCA’s Ottawa team, Lauren contributes to the strategy, development and implementation of CCA’s government relations outreach. Lauren is also responsible for research, analysis and policy recommendations regarding CCA’s food policy in Canada and abroad. A lawyer by training, she practiced law for a few years before returning to agriculture. Lauren has had similar advocacy and regulatory roles with the Canadian Seed Trade Association and the Canada Organic Trade Association prior to joining CCA. Follow Lauren on Twitter @OntarioAgLawyer.

Larry Thomas / Manager, Environment and Sustainability

Managing environmental issues facing the industry, Larry staffs the Environment Committee and participates in many research and joint initiatives between the industry, government and international groups. Larry works on helping to set research directives, producer communication and environmental policy for the Canadian beef industry. Larry represents Canadian cattle producers at the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, and other sustainability committees.

Amie Peck / Public and Stakeholder Engagement Manager

Amie leads the Public and Stakeholder Engagement (PSE) team which works to increase public trust in the Canadian beef industry by supporting industry synergies, forming strategic partnerships and connecting positively with consumers and the public. This includes addressing industry issues by coordinating key messages and specific responses together with provincial and industry organizations. Promotional content and campaigns are also developed that highlight the benefits of beef production in Canada. 

Michelle McMullen / Communications Manager

Based in the Calgary office, Michelle leads communication efforts to promote the benefits of beef production in Canada, the important initiatives undertaken by producers to sustainably produce safe, high-quality beef, and the work undertaken by CCA. Prior to joining CCA, Michelle worked in the grain industry and the federal government in various capacities including market development, communications, and government and public affairs.

Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) | Shannon Argent / Business Manager

As Business Manager for Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) Shannon works closely with the rest of the national VBP+ staff and provincial coordinators to deliver the VBP+ program across Canada. Shannon is primarily responsible for national initiatives related to partnerships, business activities, and outward facing VBP+ projects. VBP+ delivers training and verification services in an effort to demonstrate responsible practices at the farm and feedlot level on Canadian beef operations. Shannon brings a range of beef-related career experience, practical family farm and ranch experience, and a deep passion for the VBP+ program, to help manage VBP+’s business operations.

Jessica Radau / Youth Leadership Coordinator

Based in CCA’s Calgary office, Jessica coordinates and supports the Cattlemen’s Young Leaders (CYL) program and the Young Cattlemen’s Council (YCC). Jessica is a 2018 graduate of the CYL program and is responsible for planning events, coordinating communications, sourcing funding and acting as the CCA staff person for the CYL program and YCC. Follow Jessica on Twitter @JessicaR_Giles

Paula Jenkins / Office Manager

As office manager, Paula oversees all office administration, CCA’s annual general meeting, semi-annual meeting preparation, staff support, expenditure allocations and travel arrangements.

Linda Wakeling / Administrative Assistant

Providing administrative support to the CCA, Linda coordinates and administers various projects and committee meetings for the Verified Beef Production™ program and the Beef Cattle Research Council. This includes account tracking and reporting on various jointly-funded programs within the CCA such as Cattlemen’s Young Leaders and other projects.  She provides administrative support on numerous industry research projects, including organizing materials for final submissions.

Caron Melin / Controller

Caron brings a broad range of experience to her position with the CCA. She manages all the CCA’s day to day accounting activity, payroll, benefit administration and numerous other required financial reporting responsibilities.

Beef Cattle Research Council | Andrea Brocklebank / Executive Director

Overseeing the Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC), Andrea works collaboratively with the industry to identify research priorities for the BCRC. She manages the evaluation, selection and implementation of these research projects.

Beef Cattle Research Council | Dr. Reynold Bergen / Science Director

Reynold provides scientific and industry expertise to the BCRC and Beef Science Cluster, working with industry to identify research priorities, review research proposals and scientific reports, and engaging with industry and research experts on an ongoing basis. To ensure producers have access to current research information, he develops factsheets for projects funded through the BCRC, and writes articles that are available through the CCA, provincial beef organizations, various agricultural media outlets and BeefResearch.ca. Reynold also works to gather and provide relevant research-based information for industry, public and government communications on specific issues.

Beef Cattle Research Council | Charlotte Pickel / Operations Manager

Charlotte supports the development and implementation of BCRC’s business planning and budgetary processes, project selection and management, results reporting, and assists with board and stakeholder engagement.

Beef Cattle Research Council | Tracy Herbert / Extension and Communications Director

Tracy oversees the development, maintenance and utilization of various research extension tools, including www.BeefResearch.ca, with a focus on accelerating the adoption of innovations related to production efficiencies, animal health, and food safety and quality to cattle producers and other industry stakeholders. To maximize investments in research, she also works to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of technology transfer in the Canadian beef industry through greater collaboration and empowerment of technology transfer agents, and supports direct engagement of researchers with industry.

Beef Cattle Research Council | Stacey Domolewski / Science and Extension Coordinator

Stacey assists with the review of scientific reports and gathering of relevant research-based information for various audiences. She helps coordinate the development, maintenance and utilization of various extension resources, including the BCRC's webinars, fact sheets and other content on www.BeefResearch.ca. Stacey also coordinates the BCRC's Beef Researcher Mentorship Program.

Beef Cattle Research Council | Ellen Crane / Extension Coordinator

Ellen helps coordinate the development, maintenance and utilization of various extension resources, including the BCRC's webinars, blog articles, and other content on www.BeefResearch.ca

Canfax | Brian Perillat / Manager

As the Manager and Senior Analyst at Canfax, Brian ensures Canfax maintains accurate and relevant market information, as well as provides and oversees market analysis provided for its members and the industry. Canfax collects and maintains a detailed set of market prices for all types of cattle marketed in the major regions of Canada.  Canfax maintains its independence as a third party source of unbiased market information, and is held accountable by maintaining operations solely through membership funds and other market information and data services.

Canfax | Scott McKinnon / Market Analyst

Scott McKinnon is a market analyst with Canfax and a fourth generation Alberta rancher. Scott has over 25 years of feedlot management experience involved primarily in seedstock, performance testing and research.

Canfax | Dallas Rodger / Market analyst

Dallas responds to member inquiries for data and market analysis, gathering feeder prices from across western Canada, performs daily radio reports while also writing market commentary, and analysis in weekly reports. Dallas is the cattle on feed coordinator and has also taken a lead role on the annual feedlot demographic survey. Maintaining communication with cattlemen, feedlot managers, auctionmart facilitators and agri-business professionals has been critical in providing timely and valuable market information.

Canfax | Janet Hovis / Market Communications Coordinator

Assisting with the Canfax database, as well as updating spreadsheets and charts for industry presentations and publications, is a major part of Janet’s position.  She also maintains and oversees customer accounts, prepares several Canfax publications, assists with member data requests, maintains the Canfax Members Only website, as well as other administrative duties.

Canfax Research Services | Brenna Grant / Manager

Canfax Research Services (CRS) provides the Canadian beef industry with comprehensive statistical and market information on the domestic and global beef trends. Economic analysis are utilized for marketing, research, policy and investment decisions supporting strategy and business plan development as well as performance measurement. As Manager of CRS, Brenna monitors data from national statistics; oversees the development of new economic models to make annual outlooks and evaluate the impact of management decisions on cost of production. CRS maintains its independence as a third-party source of unbiased market information, maintaining operations through regular publications, long-term contracts and projects. In 2015, CRS completed the first economic assessment of the Canadian beef industry for the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.

Canfax Research Services | Huiting Huang / Research Analyst

Huiting is responsible for maintaining a wide variety of national and international data sets, writing for regular publications. A major part of her role is background research and statistical analysis on CRS projects. Her language skills have contributed to the reliable international data that CRS utilizes. She has developed decision making models using Canfax’s unique database and has a background in survey analysis. She manages the Canadian Boxed Beef report and assists with data requests.Huiting joined Canfax Research Services in 2013.

Canfax Research Services | Robyn Paddison / Research Analyst

Robyn obtained her Master of Science degree in Rural Sociology from the University of Alberta, Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences. She has a diverse professional background in the fields of research, natural resource management, social impact assessment and agriculture. Robyn works to synthesize these interests to contribute towards growing a global culture of resource and food sustainability. Taking every opportunity to engage in social research and connect with communities, Robyn has worked with the City of Edmonton’s Food and Agriculture Citizen’s Panel, with remote communities in the Northwest Territories and, most recently, with beef cattle producers as a Research Project Manager for Feedlot Health Management Services. Robyn joined Canfax Research Services in 2020.