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Verified Beef Production™

Verified Beef Production is Canada’s on-farm food safety program for beef – a dynamic program to uphold consumer confidence in the products and good practices of this country’s beef producers. Canada’s beef producers already have a reputation for action responsibly, but VBP takes that to a new level. Grass-roots driven and industry-led, the program is part of a broad effort by Canada’s food providers to ensure on-farm food safety. It’s based on the principles of an international quality control program used widely in many industries, called Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), which has been specifically adapted for VBP. The overall result is stronger competitiveness for Canada’s beef industry, as food safety continues to grow as a major factor in consumer buying decisions.

The VBP program grew from its roots in the Quality Starts Here program, an educational initiative started by the CCA to help the beef industry move toward the highest beef quality in the world. The VBP program is part of a broad, global trend in food production and complements food safety programs beyond the farmgate. For further information, visit the Verified Beef Production website.

The Canadian Beef Cattle On-Farm Biosecurity Standard

The Canadian Beef Cattle On-Farm Biosecurity Standard provides practical and effective on-farm biosecurity practices that, when properly applied and followed, can reduce the risk of impact of endemic diseases and reduce or prevent the risk of a Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) outbreak in the Canadian herd. Developed in consultation with beef cattle producers, industry and government, the Standard is designed specifically for the Canadian beef cattle industry and is applicable to farm level operations of all types and sizes. The Standard is a tool that provides broad risk management guidelines that are practical and science-based and specific to the beef cattle industry. Its focus is on practices and procedures that are of a low-cost to the producer to implement. The general practices and guidelines of the Standard are voluntary.

Download the Canadian Beef Cattle On-Farm Biosecurity Standard [English PDF 420KB / French PDF 435KB]

Download the Standard’s Implementation Manual [English PDF 688KB / French PDF 706KB].

The Canadian Beef Cattle On-Farm Biosecurity Standard is built on four basic principles of on-farm risk reduction: managing and minimizing animal movement risks; managing the movement of people, vehicles, equipment and tools; managing animal health practices; and the biosecurity knowledge/training of personnel on the operation’s biosecurity plan. Each principle has target outcomes that can be achieved in a variety of ways through additional supportive information.

Supportive fact sheets on these principles are available here:

Commingling [English PDF 474KB / French PDF 533KB]
Managing animal health practices [English PDF 985KB / French PDF 911KB]
Managing the movement of people, vehicles, equipment and tools [English PDF 315KB / French PDF 364KB]
Managing the movement of high risk animals [English PDF 626KB / French PDF 682KB]
Educate, plan and record [English PDF 486KB / French PDF 546KB].