The CCA welcomes pasture assistance for producers

Calgary, AB ─ The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) applauds the announcement today of federal and provincial funding of $114 million in pasture assistance for producers of breeding livestock in select drought-plagued areas of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The assistance, provided under AgriRecovery, will help producers living in the eligible counties and municipal districts of Central and Northern Alberta and West Central and Northwest Saskatchewan to purchase feed for their breeding cattle. The pasture assistance allows producers to keep their breeding animals off drought-damaged pastures.

When drought hits, pastures need time to recover or the damage can be irreversible.

These funds should help eligible livestock producers allow their drought-affected pastures this important recovery time, said the CCA President Travis Toews.

“The drought in this region over the last couple of years has left pastures in very poor shape and, as a result, producers have had to buy feed − and in some cases, are still buying feed − or have had to rent pasture,” Toews said. “The program announced today helps to address those extra costs.”

The CCA Past President Brad Wildeman, who was on hand for the Ministers’ event in Lloydminster announcing the assistance, welcomed the announcement. “It is important that the federal and provincial governments institutionalize this sort of assistance to ensure timely responses to future events,” Wildeman said.

The 2010 Pasture Recovery Initiative provides a total of $114 million for producers of breeding cattle and other breeding livestock living in the eligible counties and MD’s of Central and Northern Alberta and West Central and Northwest Saskatchewan. Details will be forthcoming on how the assistance will be delivered to producers of cattle and other livestock species.