Taiwan re-opens to Canadian beef

Calgary, AB – The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) welcomes today’s news that Canadian beef will once again be flowing to Taiwan. The approval from Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare to resume imports of Canadian beef comes days after a market expansion announcement by Mexico.

CCA President Dan Darling said the resumption of trade in Taiwan, along with the full restoration of trade with Mexico last week, is great news for beef producers. “When the border is open, Taiwan is usually one of our top 10 export markets for Canadian beef,” he said. “All of these market expansions are important; every gain in market access supports competition for Canadian beef.”

Today’s decision by Taiwan restores previous access for Canadian beef from cattle under-30-months of age (UTM). Taiwan had imposed a temporary suspension of Canadian beef imports in February 2015, following Canada’s last case of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) earlier that month.

Taiwan was Canada’s seventh largest market in 2014, taking $12 million of Canadian beef exports. Once trade resumes, Canadian beef exporters anticipate shipments could reach the $10 million per year range in the short term, and as much as $15 million annually within five years.

Last week’s announcement of normalized beef access to Mexico and now restoration of access to Taiwan are significant, as they mark the removal of some of the few remaining BSE trade restrictions in the world. These are positive developments that will help instill confidence in Canadian beef producers to grow their herds, Darling said.

The most significant remaining BSE-related market restriction that CCA and the Government of Canada are continuing to work on is expansion of access in China from boneless UTM to full UTM.

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