CCA supports proposed changes to federal Meat Inspection Regulations

Calgary, AB – The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) strongly supports the proposed change to the federal Meat Inspection Regulations to allow for the rare circumstances where food animals could be euthanized on farms under veterinary supervision prior to harvesting the meat.

This is a common sense proposal that will allow the meat from injured or aggressive animals to be safely harvested in a manner that is respectful to the welfare of the animal and does not put public health or safety at risk. Health and safety includes the farm workers who would have to load and transport an aggressive or injured animal.

An example we would envision under this modified regulation would include a healthy animal that has sustained a leg injury. Under the current regulation, the farmer would face a decision to seek approval to ship the animal live to a registered harvesting facility, or have it euthanized and pay for its disposal. Neither of these are practical options. This proposed regulation would allow the farmer to call in a veterinarian to make a determination that the animal meets the criteria for a healthy food animal. The animal would then be humanely euthanized and immediately transported for harvesting of the meat.

A variation of the above example could involve an animal that has become extremely agitated and aggressive. This could be quite dangerous, especially if the animal happens to be a 2,000 pound bull. The proposed regulation would allow the animal to be euthanized under veterinary supervision without endangering the lives or safety of the farm workers.

Gina Teel
Communications Manager
Canadian Cattlemen’s Association
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