CCA supports Minister’s continued efforts to ensure positive animal welfare

 Calgary, AB – The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) supports Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz’s efforts to improve animal welfare during transportation. Today, Minister Ritz announced an increase in the maximum fines that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency can issue to violators of the Health of Animals Act and the Plant Protection Act.

Dave Solverson, CCA Animal Care Committee Chair, said consumers need to know that the vast majority of animals in transit, and in every day of their lives, are safe and in excellent health. The CCA encourages clear, consistent, outcome-based enforcement of regulations to promote positive animal welfare in transit.

“Recent research in the west and in Ontario shows that over 99.9 per cent of cattle arrive at their destinations without incident and we are working on improving this number,” said Solverson.

Canada's farmers work hard to care for their animals every day. Where there are issues, farmers and ranchers work towards improvements through research, communication and education.