CCA submits request for approval of beef irradiation to Health Canada

Calgary, AB – The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) is pleased to announce it has submitted the necessary paperwork requested by Health Canada to restart the process for approval of beef irradiation in Canada.

The CCA expects it will take a minimum of a year for irradiation to be approved, following the submission of the documents to Health Canada on Friday. Irradiation is an effective technology already approved for other foods in Canada and used as a normal course of business in 50 countries around the world to improve food safety for consumers.

The ability of irradiation to reduce E.coli O157 and other pathogenic E.coli is well established. When combined with food safety interventions already in use, irradiation could essentially eliminate E.coli related illness associated with ground beef. The CCA believes this is reason enough to support making this choice available to Canadians that wish to purchase irradiated food products.