CCA Statement

Calgary, AB – The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) appreciates efforts to connect consumers to farmers and farming practices, provided such marketing campaigns do not misinform the consumer. On behalf of the producers who raise cattle on Canada’s 68,500 beef farms, the CCA would like consumers to know that all beef produced in Canada is safe, wholesome and nutritious.

Canada's cattle producers work hard every day to ensure their cattle are healthy, safe and well-cared for. Canada’s beef producers were the first to develop a Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Beef Cattle in the 1990’s. The Code was updated this year following a rigorous three-year review process, and lays out industry standards for how cattle should be raised and cared for throughout their lives.

Canadian beef producers have used antimicrobials and growth promotants for more than four decades and science shows no negative consequences for the health or safety of animals or humans related to their use. These products must be approved and licensed by Health Canada before they can be used in Canadian cattle. Along with keeping animals healthy and productive, these products reduce the amount of water and feed required to produce beef, lower greenhouse gas production, and lessen the overall environmental footprint of cattle production. The CCA, the Beef Cattle Research Council, and Canada Beef Inc. have additional information on all of these subjects to help consumers learn more about how Canadian cattle are raised.

Canada's beef producers are proud of all the choices Canadians have when it comes to beef purchases. No matter the brand or method of production, when consumers buy Canadian beef they can be confident they are buying the finest beef available.

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