CCA Statement - IARC Review of Red Meat and Processed Red Meat

The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) will respond to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) Review of Red Meat and Processed Red Meat on Monday, October 26, following the public release of the document. The CCA will share its initial perspective on the report’s findings recognizing that these are complex issues where there are different opinions from scientific experts and some additional time will be required to consider this report in a comprehensive manner. At this time we do know that meat’s very significant nutritional benefits are not considered in the IARC evaluation. Meat has long provided an important source of nutrients for Canadians and the industry takes pride in providing high quality beef products to consumers.

Canadians hear a great deal about what foods we should eat and the perspective from the scientific community can change over time. Certainly cancer is a complex disease with many contributing factors including age, genetics, and lifestyle. As with so many aspects of daily life achieving the right balance for your individual circumstance is key and we continue to recommend to Canadians that they follow the Government of Canada’s Food Guide.


Gina Teel
Communications Manager
Canadian Cattlemen’s Association
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