CCA applauds Canada’s signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Calgary, AB – Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) President Dave Solverson is in Auckland, New Zealand today to witness Canada’s Minister for International Trade, Chrystia Freeland, sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement.

“Canada’s participation in the TPP will be extremely positive for Canadian beef producers and other farmers, as well as for Canada as a whole,” said Solverson. “I applaud Minister Freeland for her effort to study the agreement and consult with Canadians on its content. Beef producers from across Canada have signaled their strong support for the agreement to her.”

The TPP is an agreement amongst 12 countries from both sides of the Pacific Ocean. Canada already has duty free access for beef with many of them, including the U.S. and Mexico. The TPP will gradually reduce a 38.5 per cent tariff on Canadian beef in Japan down to 9 per cent in 15 years, including an immediate cut to 27.5 per cent on the first day of the agreement coming into force that will restore Canada’s competitive position with Australian beef.
CCA representatives, including Vice President and Foreign Trade Committee chairperson Dan Darling, had attended many of the negotiating rounds since Canada joined the TPP negotiations in 2012. It was a major priority for Canadian beef producers to ensure that the TPP would result in a level playing field for all beef competitors in the TPP region, Darling said. “That was achieved in the Agreement reached in October in Atlanta and now I am pleased to see Canada’s new Government making a commitment to that text by signing it today,” he said.

Other wins for Canadian beef producers in the TPP include achieving elimination of beef tariffs in Vietnam and Malaysia, two countries that have not traditionally been significant beef consumers, but have been identified as potentially important markets in the future as their level of economic development increases. The TPP also addresses the exclusion of some beef access from a previous agreement with Peru.

Now that the 12 member countries have signed the text, the next step will be ratification. The CCA hopes the Government of Canada will move quickly to introduce an implementation bill to Parliament and encourages speedy passage of that bill. 

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