Canadian beef producers applaud success on CPTPP Agreement

Calgary, AB – International Trade Minister François-Philippe Champagne confirmed this morning that two days of negotiations in Tokyo have concluded in agreement that he will travel to Chile in early March to sign the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), also referred to as TPP11.

Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) President Dan Darling, a beef farmer from Castleton, Ontario, congratulates the Government of Canada for joining the new trade agreement, which provides beef producers with competitive access to Japan and dynamic markets in the Asia-Pacific region. “This is an extremely positive development for Canada’s entire beef sector,” said Darling. “Minister Champagne and Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay have played pivotal roles in achieving this landmark agreement and I want to thank them for their diligence and leadership,” he said.

The CPTPP is a massive opportunity for Canada’s beef sector, particularly in the Japanese market. Japan imported US$3.8 billion of beef in 2016. Canada was the fourth largest beef supplier to Japan with $115 million, behind Australia ($1.8 billion), United States ($1.6 billion), and New Zealand ($163 million). Those trade figures were achieved with Canada, the U.S. and New Zealand all paying a 38.5 per cent tariff on beef exports to Japan, while Australia enjoys an increasingly preferential tariff.

Once the CPTPP is implemented, Canadian beef will immediately be imported into Japan at the same preferential tariff as Australian beef. We will also be relieved from the current Japanese 50 per cent safeguard tariff on frozen beef that has been in place since July 2017. Importantly, we will enjoy a competitive advantage over American beef as the United States will not be part of the agreement and will remain at a much higher tariff.

This new market access in the Asia Pacific region is of vital importance to the hard-working farm families who operate Canada’s 60,000 beef farms and feedlots. With the CPTPP Canadian beef exports to Japan, are anticipated to see an increase of over $200 million. This increase will be enjoyed across Canada with processors in Eastern Canada and thriving regional brands like Ontario Corn Feed Beef and Prince Edward Island Certified Beef also benefitting alongside their Western counterparts and the Alberta Beef brand.

Moreover, the CPTPP will be beneficial for the Canadian economy. When the Canadian economy is growing, and Canadians are confident in their financial situation, domestic demand for Canadian beef remains strong.

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