Canada’s beef producers urge TPP Members to maintain momentum

Calgary, AB – The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) is encouraged by the significant progress made at the Ministerial meeting of the 12 Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) countries in Hawaii this week. Although it was hoped an agreement would be reached today, the complexity of the negotiations are such that additional work will be required before the trade deal can be concluded. It is the CCA’s hope that negotiations resume quickly in order to maintain the momentum achieved this week.

“We need a TPP agreement to ensure Canadian beef producers can improve access to Japan and other growing markets in Asia,” stated CCA Vice President and Foreign Trade Chairman Dan Darling, a beef farmer from Castleton, Ontario who attended the Ministerial meeting in Hawaii. “With an agreement, I can envision that we can double or triple our annual beef exports to Japan to nearly $300 million.”

The TPP is an opportunity to eliminate the 38.5 per cent tariff on Canadian beef in Japan and restore Canada’s competitive position with Australian beef. Australia already implemented an FTA with Japan earlier this year and enjoys a growing tariff advantage that will eventually make it difficult for Canadian beef to remain competitive in Japan.

“It is a major priority for Canadian beef producers to ensure that the TPP will result in a level playing field for all beef competitors in the TPP region and I am concerned about our long-term prospects if we do not,” said Darling.

Other potential wins for Canadian beef producers in the TPP include achieving elimination of beef tariffs in Vietnam and Malaysia, two countries that have not traditionally been significant beef consumers, but have been identified as potentially important markets in the future as their level of economic development increases. The TPP should also address the exclusion of some beef access from previous agreements with Peru and Chile.

The CCA thanks International Trade Minister Ed Fast for making a strong effort for Canadian beef producers at the negotiating table and committing at the concluding press conference that Canada will continue to be a constructive partner as the negotiations continue.

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