Budget 2015 positive for Canada’s cattle producers

Calgary, AB – The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) is pleased with the investments in the 2015 Federal Budget that support and promote market access and trade opportunities for Canada’s beef cattle producers.

Announced today, Economic Action Plan 2015 contains several measures, starting in 2016-17, of direct benefit to beef producers. Key among these measures is an investment of $18.1 million over two years to expand the activities of the Market Access Secretariat (MAS). This includes introducing new agricultural trade commissioners abroad and taking on a more active role in setting international science-based standards.  

CCA President Dave Solverson noted the association was instrumental in establishing the formation of the MAS, which was tasked in 2009 to work full-time on aggressively and strategically securing access to international markets. The MAS has proven its worth to beef cattle producers many times since then, in the form of market access agreements and trade deals, he said.

“The CCA is thrilled with the Government of Canada’s continued commitment to this very important initiative,” Solverson said. “The Market Access Secretariat has real clout in the international arena, and so carrying that influence over to the newly expanded areas is fantastic news for Canada’s beef producers.”

As exports are the lifeblood of Canada’s beef industry, the need for substantive trade and promotion activities is of vital importance. The CCA is pleased to see two important investments in this area. Budget 2015 pledges increased funding of $42 million over five years (starting in 2015-16) and $9.3 million per year thereafter to expand the footprint and resources of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service. An additional investment of $12 million over two years to the AgriMarketing program will help to promote and differentiate Canadian agriculture and agri-food products to the world. The latter investment builds on the $341 million over five years currently available under Growing Forward 2.

The Canadian Beef Advantage is what differentiates Canadian beef in priority markets around the world. Solverson said he looks forward to continued success promoting the brand.

The CCA appreciates another measure of practical importance to producers, particularly those wishing to retire or transition from the industry. Under the Capital Gains Tax Exemption Increase, the lifetime capital gains exemption for dispositions of qualified farm (or fishing) property moves up to $1 million from $813,600 for 2015.


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