Beef Sector Comments on Federal Election 2015 Results

Calgary, AB – The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) congratulates Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) for its majority victory in Canada’s 42nd general election.

Canadian beef farmers have enjoyed much needed profitability in recent years and are poised to expand with the right operating conditions. Despite the positive revenue side of farmers’ operations, much improvement is needed on the cost and availability of inputs to ensure beef producers remain competitive. The availability of labour, competitive market access, financing and funding for research are all top priorities that the CCA hopes to work with Ottawa to address.

We are pleased that the LPC has told the CCA that it supports growth of the beef herd in Canada and will work with us to expand export opportunities and strengthen the competitiveness of Canadian cattle producers. The LPC’s full comments on the beef sector’s policy priorities are posted on the CCA website here.

Now that the long election campaign is over, we look forward to Prime Minister-elect Trudeau forming his Cabinet and undertaking the work on issues that matter to Canada’s beef producers. First out of the gate will be the need to deliver a strong message to Washington that Canada’s new Government will follow through on the intention to block imports of U.S. goods with prohibitive tariffs if the discriminatory Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) legislation is not repealed. Resolution of this longstanding issue is expected to immediately put money lost due to unnecessary regulatory burden back into the pockets of Canadian farmers and support the expansion of the Canadian beef herd.








Gina Teel
Communications Manager
Canadian Cattlemen’s Association
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