For years, producers have stressed the need for a program to receive individual cattle and carcass production and performance information to help them genetically improve their herds, to improve feeding and animal health practices, to reduce costs and improve end-market targeting. The Beef InfoXchange System (BIXS) was designed to do just that - and more.

BIXS is a stand-alone secure database and information exchange system where individual animal and carcass data is linked to RFID tag identifiers. BIXS is a tool within the overall CBA program.

How BIXS works
A minimal amount of required individual animal data is required to participate in BIXS. At each segment across the supply chain a considerable amount of optional animal data can be loaded into BIXS linked to the RFID tag number. Participation in BIXS is voluntary and participants choose if they want to share their optional animal data with other BIXS participants registering the RFID tag number to their BIXS account. At the cow-calf operation animal birthdates are required to participate in BIXS and those birthdates will be validated with the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA). Birthdate information coupled with premises ID can enable BIXS participants to tap into age and source verified market potentials. All sorts of individual animal health, performance, production, genetic information can be loaded into BIXS enabling users better analyses of in-herd dynamics, help target specific markets and increase overall beef quality. Detailed individual carcass data will help producers understand the beef they produce and, over time, allow them to change their practices to improve efficiencies and profits and meet specific market demand.

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